Transition Care At Home

Transition Care Programme (TCP)

This program helps older people get back on their feet after a hospital stay. It provides short-term care for up to 12 weeks, including social work, nursing support, personal care and allied health care. State and territory governments are the approved providers of transition care.

Further information on Transition Care can be found on the Australian Government Depart of Health website

Transition Care Programme TCP

The CHUFFTY Range of devices can assist Transition Care by providing peace of mind in between clinical or health worker visits.

For example using the CHUFFTY Interactive, the patient is able to provide regular feedback on wellbeing by interacting with the CHHUFFTY device. Simply activating the relavent buttons, CHUFFTY will log (date & time):

  • Meds have been taken
  • Food has been consumed
  • Liquids have been taken
  • Physical exercise has been performed
  • Mental exercise has been performed

Additionally, room movement is also logged, so if no movement detected for a long period, this could trigger an alert to nominated Carers.

Interative Monitor For Elderly Independent Living

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monitor mood or pain
Monitor meals & liquids
Monitor movement around the home
monitor mnematl & physical exercise


Meals & Liquids



Mood Or Pain

CHUFFTY records when you take your medications. IMPORTANTLY, you get an auto-reminder if you forget

CHUFFTY records when you have had a meal, or when your meal delivery has arrived. Also your liquid intake for hydration

CHUFFTY monitors room movement, measuring mobility & trips to the toilet which may indicate health issues

CHUFFTY records when you complete mental or physical exercise, helping to reach your set goals

CHUFFTY records pain or mood so trends can be analysed to determin improvements or deterioration