The CHUFFTY APP – Monitoring For Seniors Living At Home


The CHUFFTY App has been specifically designed with seniors in mind.

It offers some great features, such as:

Basic App – with no account:

  • Single click buttons to log that activities have been done
  • Option to add “notes” to the logged activities
  • Ability to add custom entries and diary notes
  • Easy access to your top 5 contacts e.g. Doctor, Pharmacy etc
  • Ability to set repeating reminders for important activities
  • Simple to use “To Do” feature so you do not forget those small jobs

Advanced App – with an Account

  • Simple one click to inform your contacts you are okay
  • Random suggestions for physical exercise
  • Random suggestions for thinking exercises
  • Thought of the Day

Your Data Secured
– Our basic App offering keeps all your data safe on your device, no external or network access is required
– When using our advanced offering, then connecting to our servers encrypts all data transfers using HTTPS (similar to your bank)
– When using our advanced offering, any data you provide is stored encrypted on our servers (known as encrypted data at rest)
– We never share your information with other organisations or third parties
– We follow data security guidelines as provided by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Australian Privacy Act of 1988 & General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)