How To Monitor Movement For Seniors At Home

seniors activities watching tv

As a senior you want to live an independent life, and not be confined or restricted. This could mean getting up early, having a  lie-in, watching TV or just doing things you want to do when you want to do them.

Your Carer or relative wants to ensure your safety and well-being – they naturally worry about you.

The CHUFFTY Room Monitor logs “movement” in a room.
There are no cameras, just motion detection, so your privacy & dignity is always maintained.
This means your Carer or relative can easily see you are up and about, or alternatively, not moving around the house as usual.

Detecting Illness Or A Fall

Not moving around the house as usual for long periods of time may indicate an issue, if CHUFFTY detects no movement for a long period, this could indicate illness or a fall – an alert is sent to your Carer or relative so they can check on you.

monitor bathroom visits seniors

Additionally, CHUFFTY maybe monitoring your bathroom (no cameras, just movement detection), frequent trips to the bathroom during the night may indicate an underlying health issues. CHUFFTY will highlight these frequent bathroom visits as you may want to arrange a visit with your doctor or Health Care Worker

CHUFFTY Monitoring Devices help you live independently in your own home for longer.

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monitor mood or pain
Monitor meals & liquids
Monitor movement around the home
monitor mnematl & physical exercise


Meals & Liquids



Mood Or Pain

CHUFFTY records when you take your medications. IMPORTANTLY, you get an auto-reminder if you forget

CHUFFTY records when you have had a meal, or when your meal delivery has arrived. Also your liquid intake for hydration

CHUFFTY monitors room movement, measuring mobility & trips to the toilet which may indicate health issues

CHUFFTY records when you complete mental or physical exercise, helping to reach your set goals

CHUFFTY records pain or mood so trends can be analysed to determin improvements or deterioration